Privacy Policy

The Wittern Group has committed to full transparency with our valued clients. Our goal is to provide you with a practical and working website that offers efficient information and an easy look at the resources available to meet our customers’ needs. User experience is important to us, and in order to optimize our online services, we do collect some basic information about those who visit our site. Though you provide your information to us, in no way does The Wittern Group give or sell that data to source outside of our company, and certainly not to any person or company intending to use your information for solicitation purposes. We have pledged to preserve the confidentiality of your information in order to maintain your privacy. Its only use is in support of the working relationship you have with The Wittern Group.

The information you provide is used to send correspondence via e-mail and fax, as well as to disseminate our paper catalogs to the valued customers who choose to be notified of new and exciting products and their pricing or pricing changes. If you would like to be removed from these lists, it is your right to discontinue these services at any time.

Internet & Cookie Policy

The information our clients and customers who visit our site provide to us may include: your preferred browser, your IP address, information about your geographic location, cookie information, and more. We keep this information entirely confidential, and we can assure you it is only made available to The Wittern Group and the third parties we trust and authorize. The Wittern Group works hard to enhance your shopping experience and to continuously optimize the services and products we offer. The information provided in cookies helps us to do just that. As we are focused on quality and catering to your needs, the information we get from you helps us to constantly improve our services.

While it is possible to disable cookies in your browser, your experience with The Wittern Group may be hindered, and will not be of the optimal quality we prefer to provide to you.

Personally Identifiable Information

When you order from The Wittern Group, we will request information, including but possibly not limited to: your full contact, shipping, and billing information, and means of verification. We take the privilege of your business very seriously, and therefore only utilize this information for ordering, shipping, billing, and verification purposes. Should we encounter any difficulties processing your order, this provided information will be used to communicate with clients and customers. The Wittern Group employs precautions to protect your information against misuse, theft or loss, or alteration of any sort. We take pains to protect your sensitive information both on- and offline, including the full protection of SSL encryption technology.

Company Logos

All product names, graphic or text logos, and branding are the sole property of their owners. Any company names, product names, or service names used on The Wittern Group are for purposes of identification. Use of branding, company names, and logos shall not imply endorsement.

The Wittern Group reserves the right to change or modify the conditions within this privacy policy at any time.