At The Wittern Group, we have always believed that we can, and should, have a positive impact on the communities in which we serve with one person, one vending machine and one community at a time.

Our Commitment

In 2015, The Wittern Group announced its commitment to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge. By signing this act, The Wittern Group voiced its support for an outcome that takes a strong step forward toward a low-carbon, sustainable future at the COP21 Paris climate negotiations.

As part of this initiative, we have already achieved one of our short-term goals in 2020 of successfully reducing our water usage by 10%.  

Longer-term goals include:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in vending products by 45% by 2025
  • Increasing investment in low-carbon, climate-resilient and green projects by $2 million by 2025
  • Developing long-term business plans that align with the deep DE carbonization necessary to keep global average temperatures from rising less than 2C

Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to make a measurable impact on people and the planet, we are expanding access to quality education worldwide by contributing thousands of dollars annually to social change organizations in order to better our community and our industry.

Our goal is to elevate our partners, customers, suppliers and neighbors in order to create positive change. In order to be innovators, leaders and contributors in an inclusive society and a healthy environment so that everyone we touch and endure and thrive.

We are committed to investing in paths to opportunity through education, training and employment. We believe in being a diverse equal opportunity employer.  Today, over 31% of our workforce are minority team members.

The Wittern Group is committed to offering high-quality, ethically purchased and responsibly produced products. We are proud to have supplier partners as interested in helping the environment as we are and work with them developing RoHS programs to restrict the use of certain hazardous materials.

We work hard to minimize our environmental footprint and inspire others to do the same. Our products incorporate design features that take advantage of the latest production and component technologies in order to minimize environmental impact and increase product value.

Finally, we are committed to elevating civic engagement and supporting our community on multiple levels in financial service and advisory capacities.

From Our CEO

“The Wittern Group recognizes that delaying action on climate change will be costly in economic and human terms while accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy will produce multiple benefits with regard to economic growth, public health, and the well being of the global environment,” commented Heidi Chico, CEO of The Wittern Group and NAMA Board Member.  “The Wittern Group is proud to be a small but integral part in addressing climate change and through this Pledge has committed to ambitious, yet achievable, goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and utilize clean energy alternatives.”