Fawn Manufacturing

Quality production has been the focus of Fawn Manufacturing since 1931, when we started out as Hawkeye Novelty. Now, Fawn Manufacturing boasts a 380,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Des Moines, IA. We maintain high-capacity production, employing over 280 of the hardest working Americans, building the highest quality equipment with the best materials. Parts are stamped and formed, refined and assembled using manual and computer-controlled machinery adhering to the highest construction standards. Every vending machine produced is checked and rechecked for optimum performance levels before being packaged and sent to its final destination where it will serve the public and its vending operator for many years. From the finest of raw materials through the packaging and shipping of each piece of equipment, the commitment to quality sets the tone for Fawn Manufacturing.

It is important to Fawn Manufacturing to use environmentally friendly procedures. Our facilities use electrostatic paint system that incorporates a multi-stage pre-wash process. This process recycles the water for multiple uses as well as uses an electronically controlled spray system that precisely monitors the amount of paint used on vending machine parts. The paint is applied to the vending machine parts in environmentally controlled booths that are 99.9% efficient in reclaiming unused paint and recycling it with new paint for coating of follow-on vending machine parts. Products leave the factory with a protective powder coat paint applied on site in one of the largest systems in the Midwest.